Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Pools of Water

Unlike the other national parks I have visited Yellowstone is not totally about landscape. In the last two weeks I have seen Bison, Pronghorn, Black Tail Deer, Bald Eagles, Elk, Black Bear and Grizzly Bear. I have come close to these animals, in some cases so close that I may have endangered my life, I'm not sure, but here I am, so I guess I wasn't too close after all. I will talk more about the animals in another post.

Today I want speak about the geothermal beauty that makes Yellowstone so special. I could not help but be impressed by the steaming pools of colorful minerals that populate the hillsides and valleys of this uniquely different National Park. The smell of sulfide is not enough to deter the eyes from the spectacle of water and gas as it erupts from someplace deep in the imagination of the mind. One wonders what lies beneath and will the sleeping dragon of fire continue to sleep? Will it one day awake and crack the sky of this beautiful land? When will that day be?  What will it leave behind. These thoughts and many others I ponder as I stare into the blue depths of the bubbling pools. Others fountains flow down hillsides coloring the landscape with reds and oranges. White coulombs of minerals shape the pools steps of cascading terraces... the wonder of it all.

It is said that you should not go to Yellowstone when you are young but wait until you are older so you will not have experienced the most beautiful place on earth before you have lived a full life. In this way you will save the best for last.

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