Thursday, May 6, 2010

What did you do today?

I must admit that my day today was a bit out of the ordinary.  This morning started with the sighting of a Grizzly bear digging in the frozen ground and with one swipe of it's large claws unearth a meal from a rodents den. I was amazed to see him feasting without a care to my presence and many others, I must admit that his power was awesome and I felt a kind of primal fear deep inside. I should say that I  thought I was at a safe distance of about 60 yards but in thinking about it now I know I was close enough so that if he wanted to catch me he would have.  It is strange how we are drawn to get close to the things that can hurt us most.

Shortly after the experience with the bear, we sighted a large wolf feeding on a carcass, not really sure what it was nor was I interested in getting close enough to find out. He was large from a distance I could see that he was at least 3 feet at the shoulder if not more. The day went on with more wonderful sightings of Bison and elk as well as a second Grizzly that this time came much closer then the first. A large male chasing a bison came bounding across the plain on a diagonal towards my car. I drove off ahead of him trying to predict where he would cross the road. I was off by only 30 feet or so. With my heart racing I shot several images of him as he came over the hill and crossed the road. I shot from my car with the window down not daring to open the door. Soon he was gone into the sage brush on the other side of the road. Ah this is how it feels to be alive and in the moment, what a rush.

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