Friday, April 10, 2009

New Day New works

Sometimes I find it hard to go into the studio. I don't feel very creative or i'm just not in the mood. I'm sure this happens to every artist at one time or another. How we deal with it determines whether we will get our work done or simply avoid creating altogether.

I can come up with all kinds of distracting thoughts that will keep me away from the studio. I need to go to the Gym or I have errands to run, etc. any distraction will do. All seem to be justifiable and true.

But then I think, what if this is the day that inspiration will strike, that I will surpass my own expectations of what is possible. Or that I will solve the problem with that painting that just doesn't seem to want to come together. Will I be available today or will I be gone into the mediocrity of my life? If I am not creating today... will it matter?

Well it's getting late in the morning now and I need to get away from this blog and get to it. Guess where you will find me?