Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Water, Trees and Sand

Traveling south from Seattle past Oregon, along the coast highway brings you to the giant Redwood trees and the wild beaches along the coast of California. This experience for me, demonstrates how Nature provides a sense of scale about what I should be valuing in my life. Standing next to a three thousand year old tree larger then my car is wide made me think of how small I really am. I am reminded of how short life is and how I in my short time on earth can effect the world around me. This old forest has lived 350 lifetimes and it's journey in all that time has only added in a positive way to the evolution of life on earth. The things we humans do has impact, we can make a difference.

 Heavy rainfall and the ever present salt air of the nearby Pacific ocean filters into the trees creating a very moist environment breading moss gardens. These are the rain forests fills with ferns and small animal life thriving amidst the giants. Smaller trees become covered with soft golden moss, beckoning  the eye and appear jewel like glow. A close look reveals an inner world of small habitat.

All to soon I am leaving the Redwood giants for the salt air of the beaches, just my luck to run into a rainstorm instead of sunshine. Even in the rain the shore is wild and beautiful. Shades of blue and gray color the land sea and clouds to the horizon. Sitting here in the car the rain beating on the windshield plays a rhythm so steady it feels like it will last all day...  I take a short nap.


Joel said...

Go Barry!

Chris White said...

Great rendering of that out of focus area on your macro moss shot. I love me some good bokeh! Must be a nice lens you are carrying around.