Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Water, Weather, Wind and Rocks - Part 1 South

In my travels to the National Parks I am noticing the elements that shape our world, the similarities and differences in these magical places. In the southern canyon regions the dryer deserts are filled with monuments, towers and spires of mostly red rock conjuring up in my imagination the symbols and spirits that create feelings of sacred spaces. They scale the sky as the guardians in a seemingly eternal interplay of elements.

 It is easy to see how ancient tribes would see the great spirits living amidst the rocks. The chasms that result form the elemental dance of wet and dry and hot and cold, traverse everything from small slot canyons to the great grand canyons.

Slot canyons have fabulous curvilinear shapes of texture and color that were formed by flash floods from heavy rains. Grand canyons are the result of great upheaval in the land long ago when the earths plates moved breaking the crust and refolding the earth's crust, pushing up mountains and creating deep valleys.
Sharp lava cliffs etched by long gone rivers leave rugged trenches of rocks and sand. In the large expanse of dessert space, sand is pushed around and piled into large dunes, ever moving magically from place to place at the whim of the winds.

So much grandeur is constantly overlooked as life keeps us from the "Nature" that is at the heart of our existence. To reconnect to this wondrous world for healing and grounding is something I am grateful for. My experience feels timeless and mind expanding as I walk and witness these untouched places of colors, shapes, textures and life forms from plants to animals that are so deeply rooted within my genetic make-up. I can see the garden again.

I have a feeling of returning to the source to the wellspring of life to the cradle of existence that is the earth we are supposed to know and love. 

It is my hope that this blog will help all who see it to find themselves visiting the National Parks near them soon.  It's so easy and you get great bang for your buck.

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