Thursday, April 29, 2010

APRIL 28 Yellowstone Park

Well after a full day of shooting in Yellowstone in a snowstorm, I am kicken back in a small Montana bar called the K BAR. One of the rangers told me the food was grea, so here I am with a beer, burger and salad... said to be the best local fair around. (So Sad) Sitting in the window table I see the snow isn’t letting up so I may choose to stay in the motel tonight instead of camping in the park. Don't get me wrong I love the camping but freezing cold mornings are no fun.

The day started with driving up the mountain in a blizzard, the things I do in pursuit of the best shot are often not easy at my age. So suddenly there is a payoff...There on the side of the road by the stream, a pair of coyote… they see me and the female turns and heads to the trees but the male is occupied by something under the snow possibly a mouse trying to get away so I get several great shots of him.

The storm is getting worse now, I pass a car in a ditch and the driver is standing off to one side scratching his head. "Are you alright" I asked he nods help is on the way. Ahead the ranger I am following pulls over by an official car and is talking to another ranger. Soon he finds out the road is closed with 2 other cars off the road. I am signaled to turn around and go back, so I do. The rest of the day is spent in the lower parts of the park. I shot Buffalo in the snow... a classic, Elk with their new budding horns of the season and a black bear by a pond, not a bad day all in all.  Just not what I had hoped for. I guess all this nature is making me spoiled.

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