Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gone fishing!

Traveling is always good for the soul. It helps reset your inner clock and changes the routines of life. This month I took a trip to North Carolina to visit my older brother on Harkers Island. Harkers Isl. is located near the outer banks and is a great place to go fishing. The waters are warm and fish are abundant due to the many shipwrecks of the outer banks. This is where Blackbeard the pirate plundered ships and it is rumored that the Iron ship Monitor went down. There are also many cargo ships and world war II German subs were sunk in these waters.

This was a beautiful day and the sun was out for most of the trip and temperatures were in the high 70's to low 80's. It felt good to be out of the rain of the Pacific Northwest and replace those gray skies with sunshine.

It wasn't long before we were out on the clear blue water of the Atlantic and enjoying an easy going day of trolling for whatever would hit our bait. I must explain that for me... this is called fishing it is the relaxing part... when something hits the bait and bends the rod it becomes catching and is the working part of fishing. Needless to say that there was a lot of both.
The Catch

Now this excursion to escape the cold and repetition of my daily life gave me what I  needed, a renewed sense of well being and a change of perspective, I also got to renew my relationship with my brother who I hadn't see for years. So often it is easy to get bogged down in our life that we loose track of why we are doing what we are doing.  Space clears the mind and the fresh fish are great eating. Especially if you have a brother or someone else that will do all the cleaning and preparation to get the fish ready. After all catching the fish is only part of the process of fishing and what comes next is not as much fun as catching. It's called cleaning an I am lucky to have had the best fish cleaner in the world with me. He made it look easy so I let him do all the cleaning. Thanks Bro it was a great trip you were a real sport and the fish tasted great too.
Lots of fish

Expert Cleaning
Oh no Mr Bill I'm next!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Evening walk

I took a beautiful evening walk after dinner at the local park with my wife and dog. 
Many people were there enjoying the park, some were barbequing a late dinner in 
the long light of the approaching spring night, others were playing volleyball and 
there was a full fledged soccer game being played in the big ball field. 
A typical Americana scene and to top it off it was sunny with high white puffy clouds 
with a cool breeze blowing. We walked along a winding path that led through a 
small woods by a pond with ducks, newborn chicks were following their mother. 
Swallows flew overhead catching bugs in the air. As the path turned a corner there 
was bucolic view of an old barn while tall green and yellow grasses waved like 
water currents in the breezes. 
A perfect walk. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The economy and you

If you are interested in making money you must watch this video on how the economy works it is a wonderful 30 minutes. Ray Dailo runs one of the largest hedge funds on Wall Street and his clear understanding presented in laymen terms will give you insight on what you might need to do to get your product into the market.

VL Artist of the Day: Barry Scharf is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

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