Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walking into the New Year

Taking the first steps into 2010 is done with forethought and purpose. The economy of my time is essential if my energy will match the tasks I have set before me. There is so much to do. My calendar is already filling up with required commitments to work, family and friends. I have unfinished business from 2009 yet to be completed.  There are hundreds of images yet to be processed from my travels. So this New Year will not change me in any significant way. I will still have to fight the good fight.  I am still driven by the need to express and share what the world has shown me through my photos and painting.

I look at this year as an opportunity to improve my relationships with others, to cultivate new friends, to share what knowledge I have gained with my students and to improve the quality and content of my art. I am writing all this down now, not only for you, my readers but so I can use it to remind myself of these goals. It is so easy for me to loose sight of my bigger self; I can get tired and grumpy and forget the feelings that drive my best intentions.

In 2010 the blog will be loaded with my lots of new ideas and images. Well-crafted words and pictures carefully created to please hearts and minds. Artists need a place to show what they do.  Blogging on the web gives me the opportunity to share what at one time would only be seen in an art gallery at a single location. Now, it is so much easier to share through the web, I reach so many more people from all over the world. I hope you will stay with me and check in to see what I am doing and if you enjoy it please help me share this blog by sending the link to others you think will be interested.

Below are three views of a human skull found at Mayan ruins the eyes are gold and the face is covered with turquoise chips. It is thought that this must have been a very important person even possibly a king.