Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sabbatical 2010

I have been teaching at the Art Institute of Seattle now for over 13 years and have just recently been awarded this wonderful opportunity to have time off to fulfill a creative photographic ambition I have had for as many years as I have been teaching.
I will begin the sabbatical in the spring of 2010. The focus of this journey will be to digitally photograph what I think are beautiful places with a working title “America Still Beautiful”.  Using totally digital equipment I will be shooting high dynamic range panoramas as well as other sophisticated but less demanding compositions on a Canon 5D with a fibor carbon Manfroto tripod with a Giotto ball head.
For processing the images I have a Mac book pro laptop using Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 software products for processing after capture of the work.
I am pleased and excited to have the opportunity to do this creative work and am grateful to the selection committee of the Art Institute of Seattle for their faith in me. I will soon begin planning my travels and as time permits I will post the results. Stay tuned…

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's hot out and i'm thinking that it's too hot to work today. I wish I could work all the time on my art but hot summer days like this make it difficult to get into the studio. If I could be anywhere, I would love to go a white sand beach of some blue water Caribbean Island... but that's not going to happen today... the daydream passes and I am back at my desk, a bead of sweat roles down my cheek. I have a trace memory of seeing a fim about Picasso walking on the beach he has an umbrella and a stick and is drawing images in the sand. A creative mind finds a way to be expressive where ever it is.

Fall is coming soon and when it gets here I will wonder what happened to those warm long summer days filled with light from early morning to late evening, memories are often better then the reality. It is natural to forget the pain in favor of the sweetness don't you think?