Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grand Tetons National Park

Even though Spring is in full bloom the weather is much colder now that I have left Utah and traveled north through Idaho into Wyoming. Snow is still on the ground, and the wind bits with a cold chill. I am thinking that, I will need a new pair of boots to keep my feet warm while hiking. Jackson is a western town that has grown into a small city. It is a perfect staging point for exploring the Tetons. There are sport shops here so no problem finding those warm boots and a tasty steak is also close by at it's many good restaurants. I found a small motel with an indoor hot tub and clean rooms at a fair rate, so I now have my base to go into the Tetons National Park. Tomorrow I will enter the park.

Today I awoke rested, ate a good breakfast and drive north out of Jackson into the Tetons. The day starts out sunny but with some large clouds. I think I will have some great light for shooting. Soon I am deep in the park and see a herd of Elk by the side of the road.

The Tetons  are a vast and wide. It is clear that people would want to settle in the valley so many ways to take this in. I feel like I have found a jewel in the rough.