Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day a day when we appreciate the one we have been lucky enough to find and hold on to long enough to learn how to live together for a lifetime.  We wish to show them how much we love them to remind them that they are the most special and important person in our life.  To rekindle the feelings of TRUE LOVE. This day is permission to forgive, to bless and to love each other.

To those of you who are still searching, all I can say is that you must not give up. They are out there looking and longing for fulfillment just like you, they want to find you, they want to love you.  Don't panic, your turn will come. In the mean time be thankful for all you have created. Take care of yourself, be proud of your accomplishments and present your best to the world. Soon you will be noticed... when it happens be ready, be kind, be real.

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