Saturday, February 6, 2010

Advice To A Young New Artist

 Welcome to the struggle for self expression. All I can say is there is no one correct way to express yourself. Try to go beyond your comfort zone and do new things. Never be satisfied with anything you create. You can always do better. Paint outside the lines, learn how and why to use color and let form replace shape. Know where the light is coming from and paint it that way even if it's an abstract image. Pay attention to the world around you and express what you know to be true from your personal experience. Never copy anyone else. Learn all the rules by heart so you can forget them. Never stop drawing, don't judge what you draw and let your line be fearless. Be driven to see what is next, don't labor over your work, if it's not working move on, paint over, change direction. Be prolific. Don't believe the critics they are jealous.

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