Thursday, February 4, 2010


I by no means am an expert on interpersonal relationships. All I know is what I have learned from my relationship with my wife, my friends, my colleagues and my students. I must also include the seminars I attended and lessons I learned from retreats on spiritual growth. It is these interactions over a lifetime that shape how I communicate in the many levels of relationship I have with others.

I have learned that it is often best to avoid heated conflict if possible, to put off frustrated responses to a calmer moment structured in reasonable annalisis. Silence is often the best first reply to conflict. Reality is often missing logic though and emotions raise adrenalyn, followed by a flooding of feelings then tempers raise and the discussion becomes an argument.

Clearly life has enough potholes in the road that we don't need to create more. I intend to practice this awareness whenever possible. I know it will be a challange because I am an emotional person and prone to reaction.

After all I am only a normal human being the same as you.

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