Friday, November 6, 2009

A day at a time

You know often I think I have taken on too much, agreed to to many things with too many people. I can often feel overwhelmed if I look at all the things I must take care of in the next year. I have commitments with my job, I have commitments with my goals and career and I have commitments with my family and friends. I have events to go to, planes to catch, places to be, bills to pay and much to do. I have work for myself and work for others and I am getting tired. I am sure you can relate.

My only recourse and by default my saving grace is that I am able to see all of this within context, to break it down into small digestible bits that I can manage one at a time. OK Barry, remember you must chew your food one bit at a time my mother would say. So now I see that it is all just fine to have so much on the plate. As long as I take it one bite at a time. It is not all coming due at once, and NOW is really all there is... so chew slowly Barry... enjoy the flavor of each bite of this life. When I am full I will push myself away from the table until I am once again hungry. One day at a time and it will all get done and what doesn't, wasn't meant to be after all.

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