Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yellowstone the Jewel of the National Parks - part 3

The next morning brings clearing skies but it is still cold and a little windy in the morning. Today I further explore the thermal areas drawn by the bright colors and elaborate patterns I am reminded of how nature is the master of abstraction. Unique forms of algi with the capability to survive in extreme temperatures form crusty patterns in the shallows.

This eye shaped pool seemed to be looking at me. Could this be the eye of Yellowstone?

Boiling water, steam and red mud.

Pools of azure blue and white ash.

Algi forms abstract patterns in rust colors and unique textures.
Terraces of mineral deposits created over hundreds of years of time untouched by humans. I am taken back in time to a world before humans. I can understand the need to preserve these places for future generations. They are pure.

Long into the day I shoot and travel the roads that are open. It is still early here so many roads are closed and snow covered.  I will need some special permission if I am going to go into the closed part of the parks. I will look into that tomorrow.

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