Monday, July 25, 2011

Yellowstone the Jewel of the National Parks - part 2

The journey into the park beacons me ever deeper with the raw power and beauty of a vast natural wilderness. I am now clearly entering the path less traveled. They say you should not come to Yellowstone until you are old, because once you have seen it you will no longer need to seek out any other beauty for Yellowstone will fill you to overflowing with it's many fabulous environments and it's grand wild animals.


 Soon I am confronted by the great volcanic environment as I come upon this sign. There are elevated walking paths designed to protect visitors from falling through the thin crusted thermal layer into boiling pits that are scattered throughout the park. I for one am grateful for the work done here by the park services.  Clearly it has taken decades to do all that has been done to make the park an enjoyable experience for all who come to bask in it's wonder.
The pools of hot water look inviting on this cold Spring day but I am told that there are no bathing areas because they are more acidic then battery acid. So I won't be jumping in to any of the clear blue pools no matter how inviting they look. This becomes clear as soon as the wind changed and blew the steam in my face. The acrid smell made me realize that I should not breathe it and from that moment on I am careful to avoid the clouds of gas that are blown about by the changing winds.

It is spring, but no one told Yellowstone as I am caught in a fast moving sleet storm, thankful for my rain poncho, I keep my camera dry but I am soaked from the waist to my feet. The rest of the day was marked by strong wind and rain with temperatures in the low 30's. Tomorrow I am hoping the skies will clear. I pack it in for the day and head to the camp ground.

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