Friday, September 18, 2009

The plan unfolds

I think it is time to start thinking about the upcoming sabbatical.  I have never been good about planning trips. I am more of a spur of the moment and lets see what happens kind of guy. But this time I think real planning is called for. The original idea was to visit the parks in different climates to shoot HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography but that will not be practical. Instead, I will focus on HDR images based on observing the contrasting content of subjects found in very different locations.

I will start in Washington State with some of the inspirational vistas only Washington can provide it's mountains and forests are among the best in the country. At Christmas my wife and I will sail through the Panama Canal, presenting an opportunity to capture the light of Central America and it's unique places, marking phase 2 of the work.

Then the parks of Zion and Canyon Country for Phase 3, to bring the fabulous content of the desert in glorious color to the project. Next, in the plan is a trip to Paris, France. Need I say more? Paris will add old world charm and an experience I have not had yet, yes it's true I have not been to Paris! To balance out Europe, images from Italy will also be included.

Finely phase 4, back to America and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tenn. for the forests and spring blooms of eastern landscapes. If there is time I will finish the journey at the Atlantic Ocean for a lighthouse or two.

I know this sounds a bit scattered but my intent is to create contrast in content, to make each image group a unique experience not based on the one before or the one to follow, chapters of images on a journey.

I am looking forward to the challenges that each location will provide to test my skills and artistic vision. I am grateful for the support and feedback I am getting from those of you who are following my blog. I will keep trying to add great content as we go.

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