Thursday, September 24, 2009

plan revisions and life thoughts

Well like all plans that I seem to make they often need revisions. After checking the cost of travel to Europe (especially Paris) and the room rates of hotels, I will not be doing that leg of the journey, at least not for my sabbatical. I would love to see Paris in the Spring time and maybe before it is all over I will. This change of itinerary is in a way a good thing because it will keep me focused on the Parks here in America. So much to do and consider for this project. I need to stay focused.

On another topic my friend and colleague at The Art Institute is not winning his battle with cancer. This event saddens me and causes me to think of my own mortality as I am 13 years his senior.

I can't help but think of the value of this life I have. How lucky I have been to avoid so many pitfalls that living seems to place in our way. Gratitude for my modest successes in my art and teaching bring me to appreciate the choices I have made. The benefit of not smoking over a lifetime now supports my healthy later years. Living an active life with focus on right eating and surrounding myself with loving and positive people. After all health is the foundation of pleasure. To be active and thriving in actions and thoughts, to continue to grow in these years that I have is truly valuable and I am blessed.

Don't we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be? The only problem is we struggle to define what our best is. Half the battle is knowing yourself, how do I identify my feelings on those topics that are meaningful to me? Am I working to live or living to work? Is the work what I am supposed to be doing or have I become sidetracked into what might be the easy path rather then the one I really need to be traveling.

All this can be scary to contemplate because it means that we might need to change many things that we have become comfortable with.  We need to evolve the couch potato into the athlete, the dim wit into the intellect. All this seems like such work, all this seems like it is to difficult, to much to ask, to hard to achieve. But if we give in to these barriers to growth what will be our outcome? When if not now will we rise to our potential? Today is the only day, now is the only time, here is the only place. This life is precious and not to be wasted. What will I do with today?  What will you do with it?

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