Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's hot out and i'm thinking that it's too hot to work today. I wish I could work all the time on my art but hot summer days like this make it difficult to get into the studio. If I could be anywhere, I would love to go a white sand beach of some blue water Caribbean Island... but that's not going to happen today... the daydream passes and I am back at my desk, a bead of sweat roles down my cheek. I have a trace memory of seeing a fim about Picasso walking on the beach he has an umbrella and a stick and is drawing images in the sand. A creative mind finds a way to be expressive where ever it is.

Fall is coming soon and when it gets here I will wonder what happened to those warm long summer days filled with light from early morning to late evening, memories are often better then the reality. It is natural to forget the pain in favor of the sweetness don't you think?

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Paul said...

I think you're half right... from what I understand the brain actually dampenss how much pleasure we feel whereas pain and sorrow are prolonged.

But to someone who is deeply wedded to creativity, a lifetime of looking for 'beauty' (or whatever) has trained you to retain the sweetness, to ground the sensation in the colors and forms or your creation.

And isn't this what the world needs? The greatest artists inspire not only through their work but by the example of how they live, struggle, love, and create.

Such as your own fine self. Good work inspiring us!