Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Evening walk

I took a beautiful evening walk after dinner at the local park with my wife and dog. 
Many people were there enjoying the park, some were barbequing a late dinner in 
the long light of the approaching spring night, others were playing volleyball and 
there was a full fledged soccer game being played in the big ball field. 
A typical Americana scene and to top it off it was sunny with high white puffy clouds 
with a cool breeze blowing. We walked along a winding path that led through a 
small woods by a pond with ducks, newborn chicks were following their mother. 
Swallows flew overhead catching bugs in the air. As the path turned a corner there 
was bucolic view of an old barn while tall green and yellow grasses waved like 
water currents in the breezes. 
A perfect walk. 

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