Friday, December 6, 2013

A Thought on Science and Art

I often wonder why so many see the differences between art and science when there is really so much that they have in common.

An oil painter must be a chemist in order to mix paint to an accurate color and sheen. He or she must also be a physicist to understand the mathematics of perspective and the qualities of light and shadow in direction and intensity, and that's only for painting. Sculptors need to understand the architecture of objects, materials and their stress levels, spacial relationships, movement and balance technology as well as the new materials that are available and continually evolving. They work and think through a process of logic and meaning, trial and error to move their concept forward in a creative way. They seek answers to unanswered questions and attempt to change the world through their work.

In so many ways the boundaries between art and science are blurred.
Science like the Hubble telescope peers into the depth of space revealing the art within nature. Within the micro world we are contently revealing the wonders of small things that teach and entertain. The more we look at art and science the more they become one.

Below are the scientific-art photographs of ©David Scharf.

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