Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is the Medium the Message?

Living in a world of ever changing themes, the question of what to create and how to create it are relevant to the success of the artwork, its look and eventual public acceptance.

I am of the belief that it is not as much the medium as the message, who is making it and why. Picasso worked in many different mediums because each offered a unique connection to the expression of the idea and look of what he made.

Artists who settle into one medium and one style run a risk of becoming obsolete and complacent. To think you have found your way to unique expression may be true for a short time... but as the world marches on you will need to grow with it to be a part of the ever-changing expression of how society will see your work.

It is important to think about your choice of medium with forethought, integrity, skill and heart. What will best express your idea with clearly? It is the result that counts, it is the result that we invest our energy in. Over the years and in many exhibitions I have shown artwork I often been surprised by how others would interpret my work. It was often misunderstood, unclear and confusing to many. In order to find out why I needed to analyze and understand my mediums not just use what was at hand.

I painted in oils, used pencils, inks, watercolors and acrylics. I used oil pastels, chalk pastels, carved wood, marble and alabaster. I have molded paper and built 3d models, worked with clay and porcelain and all this has produced a verity of styles and expressions one no more or less valid then the other. This has led to an understanding of how to represent the overall experience, expression and meaning as an artist.

Because of the ever changing, march of technology I have embraced the digital age. I have learned Adobe Photoshop and other plug-ins in order to produce digital works of art. I have learned to master the printing process to produce fine prints. Now as a user of this new digital technology, I am current and up to date with my creativity. New doors are opening and I am seeing differently.

I am richer for this verity and more capable because of it. I hope that all artists will find the medium that frees them from fear and inhibition and allows them to see and follow their vision clearly to successful expression and understanding as an artist.

Creativity is dependent on confidence of what and how we express of ourselves, mediums we choose must build a comfortable connection between the artist and the expression of the idea. Additionally, we must realize that nothing is permanent in life all things are a passing parade of development. Artists must embrace the changes that life and time force upon us or fall stagnant in the evolution. We must remain relevant to our times and audience. In this way, we live a life that is serving a greater good and not so self-absorbed.

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