Friday, March 1, 2013

My dear friend is gone.

It is with profound sadness that I just got word that my teacher, mentor and good friend Ed Reep passed away yesterday. He was 94 and lived a long and productive life as an artist and teacher.
We are all here for such a short time, it doesn't seem fair. We spend our youth wanting to be older and when we age we wonder where our youth went. So much time is wasted trying to figure out who we wre and what we should be doing with our selves. Ed was one of those guys that knew he was an artist at a young age. All things fell in place. He married Pat, his first love and stayed married and in deep love to her his whole life. He was my teacher at East Carolina University and then my friend and mentor for all the remaining years of his life.
Ed Reep taught me how to paint in oils but even more then that he taught me how to be an artist of integrity and to live a creative life. He is the most responsible for my artistic success and it is a debt I can not repay.  I will miss him deeply. Ed, thank you for all that you have taught me over the many years of our friendship, I would not be the artist I am today without your guidance and love. Rest in Peace.


Jessica Dietel said...

Mr. Scharf....I am so sorry for the passing of your mentor. What a sad day. Here is a thought to put a little light in your heart. Your mentor is still alive, because of all that he has taught you, you bring forth in a daily life. He lives through you and your oil paintings.

Susan Reep said...

My father thought so highly of you and valued his continued friendship with you, speaking of you often. If you go to the website Brent Funderburk is developing,, you will see that the painting he has chosen to represent one of the decades of my dad's work is one you own! You obviously chose well. Brent has also started a discussion board there and I am sure would love some input from you. Our families will stay in touch. Much love.

Plusnone47 said...

My wife Patti and I met Ed in the early 80's...we lived on Crowningshield just down the street and had many conversations about art and life....we moved away and lost touch, but I remember him fondly and am sorry to hear this news...but he will live on in the lives he has touched...David Duncan