Monday, February 25, 2013

Can anyone make "Great Art"?

 It is a common discussion amongst artists... What are the properties and attributes that an artist must have in order to make "Great Art". However you feel about the necessities of being creative there are forces at work that are not definable and are spiritual in nature.

I am of the belief that the qualities that make an artist are not limited to the  standard set of rules of discipline, skill, inspiration, experience and so on. I believe great art makes itself that because the artist is immersed in a creative life and is always on had in the process every day making what they think is their best work, but every once in a rare while something amazing happens... that we as artists loose our self and become observers in the making of something that goes beyond our own expectation. It's as if we are witness not participant... out of body! The brush moves as if by another hand, the colors flow from a palette of mystical bliss and harmony to form images beyond conscious thought.

When it is all over we fall back to earth staring into the result in disbelief and awe. Then the process starts all over again, working and waiting for the moment when we will transcend our ego. We search for a moment that may never come again! Now weather it does or not we can not stop. We are lost. We have tasted the fruit of the creative tree and we are hooked we must follow the muse and we know no other life, this is who we are and what we do. I don't even think it's about "Great Art' because only time and society determines what will remain as great art. I believe it is more about living a creative life and you know... we all can do that no mater the medium.

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