Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Gallery New begining

Last night was a wonderful evening. For the first time in years I had my sculpture in a new retail gallery in Bellevue Washington. Ryan James Gallery had it's grand opening and it was spectacular. There were so many people there it felt like a big New York opening. So many people enjoying the art, the space and the company of each other. I was very happy to be a part of the evening with many of my sculptures representing my work and being appreciated by so many people. Thank you to Ryan and his staff for so much work to make the evening a success. If you did not get down to the gallery last night make sure you plan a trip soon there is a lot of work on display and it is good stuff. In this economy a new gallery opening is an optimistic sign that things are turning around and if attendance is a sign of good things to come then The Ryan James Gallery is already a success.  I am sure there will be images posted soon on Facebook. Thanks Ryan

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Jessica Dietel said...

I hope to see your wonderful art in real life. How long will it be up at the gallery.