Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coping with Change

I thought a few thoughts here would be helpful for any one who is going through a life transition like I am.

First be kind to yourself and to others. You may not be aware of your underlying feelings about the change you are going through. It takes time for the change to settle in and for the effects to manifest in your life. Give your doubts over to a higher power if you can not solve them yourself.

Next, Take care of yourself. Keep fit by working out, eating right and getting enough rest. These are important for good health and a sound body. Stretch out those muscles by taking walks or going to the gym for a swim. If you cant swim ride a bike. I like a walk in Nature because I do not even realize I am working out and I am enjoying my surroundings as I go.

And, Work on your skills, master new ones, improve your resume, build a website and talk to a lot of people about what you know and how much you love to work in your skills. After all you chose the path of your skills you must enjoy your work, so keep getting better, stay on top of technology and the advances being made in your area of knowledge.

Finely, go out and play, have some fun, share of yourself and give to others and let them give to you. Accept that you are changing and that nothing will be the same so give in to the new life you are embarking on. Walk it into the world with joy and confidence, you are not your past, you are not a story of what was or what is wrong, you are here in the moment, ready and open to possibilities. If you do opportunities will  rise and present themselves. You will form a new beginning.

These are the terms I use to transition in my life and they are working for me. I hope they can be of value to you.

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