Friday, September 7, 2012

One door closes another opens.

When was it that I became dispensable? I am still the same person and with the same skills, only better with more practice and experience and patience then ever before. I have not changed in any way other then getting better with age? Yet now after 17 years I have been told my position no longer exists at the Art Institute of Seattle, along with 34 others I have been discontinued, disenfranchised and just plain dissed. (800 system wide)

I must now close this door so another will open. I will reinvent that which I already am, polish the armor, spruce up the resume and rebuild the portfolio. I loved my time teaching at AIS and will remember all my friends as I move of in a new direction. I wish them all well.

Now I go through the 17 years of papers and grade sheets in my desk and I remember all the students who's lives I have help mold. So many young faces eager to learn, looking to me for guidance. Many moved up and forward while others fell by the wayside. I look at the names on the grade sheets from years of teaching and can remember many of the people I have influenced. They are now successful in their lives. So much to let go of here. As I toss each piece into the whoop of the trash can I am lighter, letting go, closing the door on these years, I am feeling younger and free of so many responsibilities to this school. All that is left to say is goodbye.

 I would be remiss in closing if I did not add some facts that I have discovered... because you need to know...  my company exec's in all their corporate wisdom made the decision to reorganized and downsizing 800 lives to the unemployment line and at the same time took for themselves a bonus of $25.5 million dollars in a single year compensation for 2011-12 cycle. Rewarding their failing of leadership as they thrust themselves into the 1% of greedy bastards that only care about their own bottom line. I am glad to know that they will no longer determine my fate. I am done with them. I believe that what they did was a criminal act but if it wasn't against the law it was at the least immoral and unjust.

If you are on the fence, if you are unsure of who should lead this country ponder the fate of the 800 family's that  are now looking for the next open door. I am going to vote for Barack Obama are you?

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MHR said...

Hi Barry,

I simply can't believe that they did this to you. As far as I'm concerned, you are one of the best teachers that AIS had to offer. I know you know that, so it must have been a great shock to you! I wasn't in graphic design or photography when I was going to AIS several years ago, so you wouldn't remember me. But, I took one of your classes after succeeding to convince my director to exchange one of the required, yet, not-so-beneficial classes with your Photoshop class. I'm so glad you were my teacher. Thank you, Barry.

I don't know what you are planning to do next, but I'm sure you will be just as great as before, and probably happier as you don't have to deal with those corporate bastards any longer!