Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving, thoughts and wishes.

This week is Thanksgiving and I have much that I am grateful for. It is at this time that I am acutely sensitive to the gifts I have received and the life I am living. Gratitude is in my heart and I am hopeful that all who read my blog will think of how they can be grateful to others that they can reach out to.

Many of use will go on living as though we are insulated and many others will feel the pinch as the economy fails to support our economic health and personal goals. I hope that all of us who can will all do something to help someone in need. I would like to wish all my relatives, friends, collectors and followers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you will find yourself on a wonderful adventure that will open your life to something new and awesome, that each day there will be smiles, laughter and a many sighs of relief as you discover something new about yourself and your abilities.

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