Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 1 and 2 "Springtime"

Day One
A beautiful day for a drive, the rain had stopped and the sun reflected sparkling light on the drops of water it left behind, a sign of a blessed journey.  I drove the 1998 Subaru Outback south down the I-5 Freeway until I reached the bucolic landscape of southern Oregon and the farms filled with newborn spring lambs. A short detour was necessary to take some photos.  Here on the back roads I saw the evidence of a new spring day. I felt the reaffirmation of life.  Soon I was off to Grants Pass and a well deserved nights sleep.
Day Two
Now I will try not to labor you with all the details that make up each day of my journey but rather give just an overview of the events, sights and enlightenment's to make it interesting to follow.
Day two was nothing like the sun filled day before. Rain fell in large drops driven sideways by the wind. I left Oregon for California and Crescent city. The land of the Redwoods lay before me and the highway quickly was traded for a potholed and poorly traveled dirt road. As I drove deeper into the forest the trees grew larger and more magnificent, a splendor in the rain.
Tonight I am in Eureka and it will be several days before I reach the next National Park.

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