Sunday, March 29, 2009

new ways to work

I cant help wonder how I got so much done before computers, it must have been my youthful exuberant blind devotion to making art. I was on a quest to discover who I was, so the more I made the more I found out. I am grateful to Steven Jobbs for his hand in bringing about the computer age in time for me to take advantage of it. Today, I use my digital camera to capture imagery, my brushes to shape style and Adobe Photoshop to organize the composition. I can't believe how much time it all saves me and the compositions are symphonic in complexity.
With less experimenting on the canvas I save time and money. I know that many artists long to hold on to the old ways, the smell of terps and oil paint in the studio is a necessary evil, I know that we love the hand crafted mediums we add to our colors, The color mixing on the palette to get the pant just right. The daily drawing in our sketchbooks to perfect an image. But I have not given up any of that, I have only added a marvelous way to save time and effort, and produce more better work in less time then I ever thought possible.

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